Drunken Saturday Night in Which I Was Sober

I went to this party at a new showroom/warehouse a friend of mine owns. He owns a clothing company with stuff in Urban Outfitters, etc. Anyway, every weekend he turns his showroom on state street (behind Decades) into a rock concert slash party palace. It's new. He's been doing this since he hit SLC, via LA (the last month). Kinda cool. I had the most interesting conversation with his young and drunken business partner on this last Saturday.

Business partner (to me): I love you
Me: okay drunky (pat him on the head and continue my other conversation)
BP: I just said I love you (then he attempts to kiss me on the cheek unsuccessfully once, and successfully the second time)
Me: yep, okay then
BP: You are the most beautifullest woman I have ever seen.
Me: You are drunk
BP: Okay, you are the most beautifullest woman I have seen in the last 24 hours
BP: Let's dance
Me: Well, I'm going home
BP: Are you retarded, I asked you to dance
Me: Ouch, babe. I'm still going home
BP: Okay, but I love you

I leave. Later in the early morning hours I get two messages:
"Ur my lov"
"I love you"

Awwwww, weird, drunken love


George Marie said…
Drunk people are so pedestrian. :-)

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