Vivid dreaming

I keep having really weird and vivid dreams lately.

Dream 1: Trailer House
Last night I dreamed I was house hunting and came upon a house that seemed nice enough to check out. The bedroom and some of the rooms were plain and then I walked out to the alley way in between the house and it seemed there was a guest house. So I tried to go in but apparently a family was already there. The owners informed me that part was not for sale. I stepped back and realized it was a trailer and also that the house that was for sale was also a trailer, only bigger. I went back inside and it was just like a house. Except I discovered it had some luxuries like an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. The indoor pool was smaller and had it's own room and it was warm enough I could see steam rising out of it. The owners of the house were white trash and just looking to unload the house for money. They kept talking about getting in over their heads and that they couldn't afford the place. In my dream in the back of my mind I kept thinking they were hustling me and overselling the place just to make a profit. They had only been in the place for four months and were now upping the price to sell it. I kept thinking they had overpriced it for what it was, a trailer. Then I woke up.

Dream 2: Another house, another family
I had another dream the night before about another house, only all my family was there. Not my real life family, it was a dream family. There were extended relatives and I was married and had just had a baby. In the dream we were guests in the house. It was a strange, but large and older city, like Boston. The house was a mansion/cabin/historic house (depending on which part of the dream). Everyone in the family was suspicious of me except the grandma who, although stern, realized I was a nice girl who was simply being scrutinized too much. She gave me some advice. I don't remember what it was. I remember going to bed (my husband and I were given the newly remodeled basement part of the house). Our son had his own baby room across the hall, but had to share a bunk bed with a rambunctious 7 year old cousin who kept jumping up and down and being wild. I complained to my husband taht the boy would break the bed and smash our baby. My husband didn't seem worried, but the boy ended up doing just that. He was removed from the room and my baby was okay, but I took him to our room. Then I went out on the porch and could see the city. One of the girls in the house then said I'd turned and "become one of them" (she didn't mean the family, she meant a zombie or creature that was out there beyond the house and destroying the city). I looked and saw vapors of black and brown smoke out in the city beyond. People had become these creatures. I denied I was one. The family hadn't changed, but I had. She said I could deny it all I wanted but my lips were already beginning to pucker. Sure enough they were. My eyes looked sunken and my lips were uncontrollably puckering and there were worms coming out of my face. Then I woke up.

Trippy, right?


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