Sundance Mania

Bragging alert - In case I haven't broadcasted this to you yet, I was selected to work on the PR for Harry O's Live during Sundance. That means Joan Jett, etc concerts, invites to exclusive celeb parties and all the other fun and films of Sundance. Yay!

ps - no I can't get you and your 15 friends in. Have you been to Harry O's during Sundance? There's a fire code, folks.

If you wanna follow along on Twitter @harryoslive or @sarahbuhr to find out what's happening.


Damian said…
that's cool. We have a crew shooting for the Sundance channel and we'll be right up the street. we also have a few red carpet events to cover. maybe our paths will cross.
SJ said…
What are you shooting about? Ya, we'll have to meet up at some point.
SJ said…
Who I've seen so far: Samm Levine (freaks and geeks, Inglorious Bastards), Khloe Kardashian -invited to her private party last night, DJ Steve Aoki, Dirt Nasty (aka Simon Rex of Scary Movie 4), Levar Burton, Paris Hilton, Marissa Tomei, Pras from the Fugees, more to come....Have yet to catch up with Adrian Grenier, who is coming by the loft, Danny Masterson from That 70's Show (aka DJ Momjeans), Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Ben Affleck.

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