Sleep deprivation and deflated potentials

I just woke up from a nice long, and definitely needed, nap. I was up till 5 am last night slash this morning. In a mansion. The DC Mountain Lab snowboard mansion to be precise. They have their own private snowboard resort in their backyard where their pro snowboarders train. This was after the Slightly Stoopid concert at Harry O's. One of the guys with us knew the manager of the band and they were "this" close to coming up and joining us in the mansion (and then they got high). That would have been maybe cool. They are the biggest ska band in the country, afterall.

The mansion is way up in the remote back side of Jeremy ranch. It takes getting through two private gates and a drawbridge to get there. And it's beautiful.

Instead I was trapped in what had all the potential to be a very cool situation when some incredibly stupid fake blonde girls showed up (they were invited by the guy that maintains the house). I felt as though I was losing brain cells just being in the same room with them. All they did all night is compare their boob sizes and scream a lot. I'm not kidding. It was moronic and, sadly, the guys I was with apparently liked their retarded comments and fake hair (and boobs).

I had to ask myself if I was having a hard time because I was jealous. No, I had enough attention my way. I had a problem with them thinking they had to act that way to get attention. I felt betrayed as a woman.

I can't believe there are girls out there who actually act that way...and guys who actually like that. Really? My estimation of these guys dramatically plummeted from thereon out. My whole life I must have been sheltered by guys who preferred brainy brunettes with intelligent conversation. And though I do have ample boobs, I know I don't need to talk about them to get a guy to like me.

It was a bizarre night with some bizarre people.


mj said…
blech. yeah, i like to pretend people like this don't exist and it's usually pretty easy to do.

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