I'm going to see Avatar with Barry on Saturday. I have mixed feelings about this. The movie, not Barry, haha. There's a lot of hype for what appears to me to be a heavy animation, totally unrealistic way in the future scifi/fantasy movie that appeals mainly to men who happen to be into video games. It's also from the director of the Titanic, which did gross a lot of money. But aside from the big budget effects and controversial boob show (at least controversial in Utah) was not all that remarkable. I'll let you know how it goes.


Steve said…
ONLY in Utah would this movie be controversial! It's opening all over the world, including many Muslim countries, and I haven't seen anyone else get so upset (excited!?!) for these 'boobs'. Seriously, take a cold shower Utah!
SJ said…
No, no, Titanic and the boobs. Everyone seems stoked for Avatar, including Utah...except me. Le sigh.

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