2010...oh boy!

It's that special time of year again. The time I write down my goals and aspirations and recommit to becoming a better human being. Here's my (partially assembled) plan, for your reading pleasure:

1. Get back to yoga. I said this last year, but this year I mean it. I used to be a regular at this. Greatest thing you can do for your body besides lots of water and regular massages.

2. Take up french. My mom taught me french when I was a kid. We'd practice every morning by a "basic of french" on the record player. It was me and mom time and I loved it. It made it much easier to pick up when I took it in junior high and highschool. It's been a few years and I don't speak any foreign languages. So I'm taking up the old romance.

3. Date sane people. This is key to my plan for my love life. It may seem strange, but I actually do need to make this a goal so I don't veer off and try to save someone from themselves instead.

4. Last year I said I was going to join a choir. This is no longer a goal. I did join a choir and, though I do think I have a good voice, I can't read notes and don't really have the desire to learn. So no more choir.

5. Use the banjo. I have a banjo that I never play. I haven't been able to find a teacher here and Youtube videos were not really all that helpful. Still, it's just sitting there. I either need to use it or sell it.

6. This next goal is for when the weather turns warmer. I want chickens this year. Chickens and a coop for my backyard. This will also require me to build a fence around my garden so they don't get in and eat everything.

7. Finish reading the books I am reading. I start to read a book, then mid-way through get distracted and start to read some others. I have no problem finishing fiction, even bad fiction, but non-fiction is what I need to complete (chiefly Rough Stone Rolling).

8. I also resolve to eat an apple a day. I pretty much do this already, but it's a good one and easy.

That's it for now. Those are my resolutions. What are yours?


George Marie said…
I like #2. One of the things I never did was learn a foreign language enough to become a fluent speaker. I took German at Iowa, but I was only required to demonstrate literary proficiency. When I'm Dr. George, I will take the time to learn a foreign language well.
Steve said…
Cool, we can learn French together! I start class Feb 22!

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