Robot Love

Have I mentioned I am in love with my new phone? The only thing is blogging from it sucks. Way faster on an actual keyboard. Still, if I wanted to, there's an app for that.

The phone is a Google My Touch on Android. Basically a rocket in your pocket.

Not only can I get emails from multiple accounts, text messaging, music, videos, keep a schedule of all my meetings, events and appointments (all the same features as my old Blackberry), but also apps for a GPS navigation system, talk to text capabilities, an app called Google Sky where I can literally point my phone toward the night sky and it will tell me as I move it around the sky which constellations and planets I'm looking at. I can stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, watch Youtube and Howcast videos, there's an app to help me know where I parked my car, I can take pictures and make a video, an app for the Scriptures (all of them, BofM, Bible, etc) so no more lugging them to church when I can just point and click on the verses I want, a magic 8 ball, a metal detector app, a BMI calculator, a calorie counter, an app that you basically tell it the random ingredients you have in your kitchen and it tells you what meal you can make from it, an app that lets you wave it over the ISBN number of any book and then you have that book in the library of your phone and can read it on your phone, an app that will tell you if the thing you are about to purchase is cheaper in any of the stores nearby or online, an app that tracks your car mileage, an app that tells you how far you ran, biked or swam, an app that converts your favorite song into a ringtone, an app that gives you coupons and freebies, an app that reminds you to get up from your desk and stretch and provides office exercises, one that gives you odd facts, an app that tells you movie show times and movie ratings in your area, a tarot card reader, a palm reader, the weather channel, Huffington Post, CNN, a mind mapper, ummm, did I miss anything? Oh and an app that tells you what the additives in any certain food do to your body. There are hundreds more, I just haven't downloaded them yet.

Can you see why I'm in love?

Greatest thing since sliced bread, wait, no, the wheel.


George Marie said…
One of my friends at school has a cool app. What he does is scan the barcode of anything, from something at Wal-Mart to books, and it finds places online for him to buy it. How cool is that :)?
SJ said…
Ya, shop savvy, it finds out if it is cheaper somewhere else than where you are about to buy it.
Anonymous said…
I have the HTC Hero. Basically the Sprint's version of the My Touch. I have to agree, awesome phones. One app I like is called Movies. It uses your GPS location to tell you the theaters near you, whats playing, show times, what DVD's are newly released, what's coming out soon..etc. Pretty cool. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. You are very cool.

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