Boston Road Trip Part II

Brandon got mad at me sometimes along the trip. Actually we both got mad at each other a lot of times (four days in a car with just one person, one person you dated on and off for three years and broke up with, ummm ya). This is a picture I took of one of the times Brandon was mad, yet stopped to pose anyway.

But he came around eventually and let me kiss his cheek.

He actually took this picture of me when he was still mad. Look how great it turned out. Weird, huh?

We went on the Freedom trail together and to Salem. Neither time did we think to bring our cameras. But I did take the cam along on my tour of Harvard today. The above pic is of Harvard Yard, the oldest and most well-known part of Harvard University. This part was actually used as a place for professors to graze their cattle until about the 40's. One professor traditionally brings in a cow every year just for fun for graduation week.These were my guides on the Harvard tour. You'd think they'd be brilliant and scholarly. I'm sure they are excellent students. But they really just seemed like typical social and silly college kids there to explore new ideas. The one on the left is from Saudi Arabia, but sounds like he's from southern California. The kid on the right is from Paris, France. He also has a slight American, but also slight Brittish accent. Both of them said the American accent was influenced by a lot of American TV. They both grew up watching Power Rangers.


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