Boston Road Trip Part 3

I didn't have a camera this day, so I took this one of me on Walden Pond from my camera. Walden Pond is really quite beautiful and clear. It's a bit cold now to go swimming, but there were still plenty of folks doing just that. It's also a great place to go canoeing and watch ducks. The water is clear and clean. Thoreau's house isn't up anymore, just a pile of rubble where it used to be, but they do have a replica of it back near the gift shop. When asked why he chose to live in a one room shack a half hour from anyone for over two years Henry David Thoreau said it was because he wanted to live "deliberately" and to not, when he came to die, realize that he "had not lived".


Anonymous said…
Your are still hot! I still stand by my comment sometime ago when you broke up with what's his name...

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