Radical Right Doesn't Want Kids to Work Hard and Stay in School

At least not when the current President of the United States says to.

Is it just me or have the right-wingers become increasingly militant crazy in the last five years? To them I'd like to say we live in America, a free and democratic Republic with a freely elected leader, elected by the majority of the people as the best candidate to run our country. We live in this great nation that lets us live free and vote free. We discuss matters civilly, or at least we'd like to, in the halls of our nation's capitol and the president has a duty to us as a nation, to act as our representative. He did not go charging into a war without an exit plan, he never mistook one dictator for another, he didn't give all the favor and jobs to his finance and oil friends, he hasn't cheated on his wife or been found to be in any lewd conduct. Our president now has a message to the children of this great nation "Work hard, stay in school". You really want to boycott that? Think about the message you are sending to your kids. You are basically telling them you don't support a free nation, a freely elected official, clean and decent president, democracy, hard work or education.


Steve said…
Well, the far right HAS always been this way. They want to create a non-secular Christian nation where you follow their rules their way or else! The far right want to eliminate any choice any of us have unless "the Bible says it is ok", which is also why the real far right want all the minorities out, women back home and pregnant, and only land owners making decisions. These people aren't new, they just have a new cause to get attention with.
SJ said…
and a desperate one at that

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