Three things I'll admit

1. I actually like the new Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA". It's catchy. I ran to it this morning. Don't judge...and if you wanna hear it here's a fake vid on Youtube with the song

2. I may be addicted to Farmville. It's a Facebook app game. I swore I'd never get into those. They seem so stupid. Play mafia, pretend you live in the city and form a gang...or worse, pretend you live on a farm (without a house and any roads outta town). But here I sit, playing Farmville, milking cows and earning enough "cash" from my crops to someday buy a big red barn for all my animals. It sucks a lot of my time (even though I should be working) I know. You can judge.

3. Tonight is the last night in the Twilight concert series. I have no idea who the band is, some Joe and the family band something. I don't care. We can't really hear much where we are and last week we were so busy I barely even could recall that Sam Beam was actually there, not 100 yards away. It's supposed to be hot tonight. This is good for the lemonade business. Wish me luck. And if you are in Salt Lake, come by, say hi, sip some lemonade with me.


mj said…
I am so afraid of ever trying one of those games on facebook. I already have so many ways I waste time. So I blocked all the games. It's kind of like ice cream. If it's not in the house I have to eat real food. When it is in the house, hungry pregnant lady takes over and makes all the eating decisions. It's a self control issue, yes, but at least I know it.
SJ said…
haha. Where are your prego pics? Haven't see you in forever...but I "may" be coming out to DC in the next month. Maybe.

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