She-ra, Princess of Power!


Steve said…
She-ra was great. She was hot in my 8-year old mind, haha.
SJ said…
Was it just me?...Looking at He-man and She-ra now, She-ra is still cool, but He-man? The other guys (including and especially Skeletor) Um, gay? Maybe it's the tights?
Steve said…
Ha, right. But you have to remember that this is pre mainstream gayness. So fit guys running around in tight clothes didn't mean you were gay in most of America yet. This was the time of the body builder, ultra male image ala Arnold as Conan.

But She-Ra wasn't innocent either. She rode a freakin unicorn and had that sidekick who was just a little too obdient if you ask me, haha. Much like the main characters on Xena! Ok, I've said too much!!! ;-)
SJ said…
Haha, that is weird.

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