Pete Yorn

Last night I went to a Pete Yorn concert. First one. I must say he's even better in person and I actually could sing most of his songs (except the ones from his new album, "Back and Forth"). That guy is so cool, right down to his flowing hair and wheel tattoo on his right wrist. It was a good concert.

These are photos from my phone (so not so good, but you get the idea. I was there).


mj said…
I like Pete Yorn. I saw him open for Weezer several years ago. A bunch of lame Weezer fans were shouting at him to get off the stage and I was like, what are you 12? This is the way concerts work dufuses!


Anyway, luckily I saw him again in his own right. He is a sexy man.

Haven't heard any of his new stuff, though.

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