Homeless Hummingbird

The strange neighbor man across the street brought over an Easter basket around noon today. I thought "of course". But then, looking inside was a tiny hummingbird who couldn't fly. The neighbor said he didn't have time to watch it and thought I could (of course). I am working from home today, which means I could watch it and feed it at least. Another neighbor lady named Rose (complete with old woman fleshy arm rose tattoo) said she did some calling around. No one in the city will take it. There is a wildlife hummingbird rescue up in Ogden that will though (that's about 50 minutes away from me). I have the lemonade stand to attend to this evening so I can't go run it up there. I made it some sugar water and just hope it survives.

Update: Hummingbird flew the coop. Put the little guy in a tree when it started to flap. Went out a couple hours later and the baby bird was gone. I've got the feeder hung up on my porch. Here's hopin' for the best.


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