Help a sister out?

Dear readers,

I wanted to ask you all for some help. I have just launched a new website It has all sorts of great recipes, crafts and DIY projects like how to grow your own peach tree (starting with just the pit) to eco-friendly dishwasher soap recipes. It's a brand new and really great site, but I need your help in spreading the word. You wonderful women, friends and family members all know other people in your network of friends and family that you can tell about this site.

I don't get any money for doing this (yet) and I'm on a shoe string budget to make it go. I could really use your help. If you feel like it, please email this site to people you know who would be interested in DIY projects, crafts, eco-friendly cleaners, great recipes, and more! Word of mouth recommendations and great people can work wonders!

Yours truly,
Sarah Buhr


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