I have the "I Wants"

I want several things and what I want is for my own good. I'm just a bit cash poor right now because of another business venture, a lemonade stand a friend and I are running at the Twilight Concert Series. You'd think it'd be simple, it's just lemonade, but oh, you'd be so wrong. And you'd have to pay the nearly $1000 worth of fees on top of equipment just to run it with the proper licensing and such. So here I am with the "I wants". I want a greenhouse. I want banjo lessons, I want either a sony webbie HD camcorder or a Flip cam (haven't decided). I also want a proper bunny hutch for bunny. There's a really cute one at the pet shop (yes, I could build one, but who are we kidding, me, building, have you seen me try to do that?). I want a private fence in my backyard instead of the chain link one that leads to the back alley and the Mexican grocery store behind my house where everyone can see me do yardwork...and ask if I need help (um, no, but thanks...unless I know you and you aren't a creep, then yes, yes please!). Bigger fantastical picture I want a ranch and lots of horses and a big pretty house and a fast and fancy car. But for now, it's the simple things I want and have to wait for. Waiting sucks. So does red ink on your bank statements. Damn you poverty!


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