Homemade Butter Project

Mother Earth News magazine has an article in it this month about making homemade butter. It sounded so wonderfully domestic I bought the mag at the Wholefoods checkout stand and decided to try it out. Tonight I begin the butter making process. You'd think you'd need a churn...and a cow, but no, no my urban friends. Apparently homemade butter is so easy, kindergartners can do it. All it takes is raw milk, or heavy cream from the store that happens to have live cultures and a food processor or mason jar. Then shake, shake, shake till the mix breaks and starts to form into butter. You can even flavor the stuff yourself with rosemary or lemons. Yum!


Steve said…
Hmmm, sounds interesting. Is it healthier than buying butter? Kelly and I have been thinking of making our own yogurt, also cheap and easy!
SJ said…
I don't know about healthier, although they do say if you get the milk from grass fed cows it is. They also say both grass fed and homemade butter taste way better. We'll see when it is done (I am activating the culture right now and will shake it tonight)
Roy! said…
Wow...a beatiful and smart woman...always a great combination...i loved your writing and i wound up in your blog by accident...i guess those things happen...reading you was just the pick me up i needed.
thank you :)
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