Hip at Home

I'm not super crafty, more of a homemaker (single gal homemaker) and homesteader (I have a bunny, a huge garden and secretly want a full on farm with cows and chicks). So I created a site where I can talk about my projects, my wishlist projects and let other crafty/homemaker types submit their projects as well. Enter Hip at Home. It's not a for-profit venture, just for fun, kids (though it may have some ad space later). Check the site, latest projects and submit your project, too :)


mj said…
cool idea. i'm not that hip of a homemaker, but we have been planning some artwork for the walls for a long time and if we ever do it and it comes out cool maybe i could join your club.
SJ said…
You can join the club anyway. I am not much of a "maker" but I do know how to make organic cleaning products, raise bunnies, garden, graft apple trees, pick a good egg and make butter now. I'll bet if you think about it you have a few talents up your sleeve you could show off just for fun.

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