Don't text and drive

I've done it. Several times. You've no doubt done it to, but you know as well as I do how often you narrowly escaped an accident while doing it. It's just so hard to put that phone down and not answer back. But to illustrate just how well (or poorly, actually) you do both activities at the same time there is an interactive driving and texting game at the New York Times that will test your performance.

Texting and driving is increasingly a hazard. Even when legislators ban it, people still do it. It is officially illegal to do in the Salt Lake City limits. But so is driving without a seat belt. Despite all the billboard awareness ads for both, there isn't much of a crackdown. BYU did a study a number of years ago that showed texting while driving is often more dangerous than driving drunk even. Would it be so hard to tell your friend "Hang on, I'm about to drive. I'll text you later" or if they text you right then while you are driving to either pull over or wait until you've arrived at your destination?


Princesska said…
I love this! Although, I missed 4% more gates while not texting, so I don't know what that means. I'm going to post this on my blog... with a link to yours of course!!
SJ said…
Cool. Didn't think you read my blog anymore. I read yours all the time. Watching the wedding progress :)
Steve said…
I wish police would actually enforce this! I don't think anyone should be allowed to talk on the phone (even hands free), let alone text while driving, which is illegal in VA, MD, and DC!!! An easy way to avoid doing this is keep your phone tucked away in your bag or something so it'd be hard/dangerous to look for when driving! I keep my phone in the back seat and refuse to talk and drive at the same time.

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