The smoke around Obama's new anti-tobacco law

I hear this all the time, "Obama's such a great president. I voted for him and everything, but I don't agree with..." or "well at least he's making a change, except for..." I hear it and I've repeated it. Take his issues with smoking. How can a man who still smokes really work on smoking prevention? It's a feel good, warm fuzzy thing to do in the public eye, to put laws into place that supposedly will discourage lighting up. But I'm not so sure a law put in place by a man who smokes and the tobacco industry is change I really can believe in.

From Slate:

"Today, despite decades of lobbying and advertising by the tobacco industry, we've passed a law to help protect the next generation of Americans," President Obama declared yesterday as he signed a new antismoking bill into law.

It's an uplifting tale of courage against evil. The truth, however, is more complicated. For all his rhetoric, Obama is still apparently a nicotine addict. And the country's biggest tobacco company, Altria, helped write the bill."



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