And we broke up again

For the 20th time. Y'all can just guess who I'm talkin' about.

I really like what Jenn Anniston said at the Crystal and Lucy Awards, "If anyone has a movie called Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Man, that would be great."

Jenn, I know just how you feel.


Steve said…
Uhm, you need to stop shopping at the Fear of Committment and Half Whacked discount stores! My ex and I broke up all the time. Eventually, I just stopped caring which obviously led to not caring about her.
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, YOU ARE HOT! You will find someone worth while..
Sherpa said…
Seriously, find someone else!
mj said…
Maybe Anonymous should step out of the shadows . . . (if anonymous is male, single, and stable).

And SJ, you are way, way, way too good for that dude, so stop it already!
abby said…
I thought it was over. Good grief. You like to torture yourself don't you.
SJ said…
Haha, thanks y'all for the encouragement. And Steve, you are right, each break up makes you care less and less.

This has been some crazy almost three years. Has it really been that long? Wow, ya, crazy.

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