The N. Korea Shed Crisis Situation

Great news, the shed, the one my dad was using as an excuse to putter around my backyard for the past two weeks, oh, and also may as well have been built in N. Korea for all the mislabeling and whatnot, is now built. Yay!...well, almost.

Dad now wants to paint it. It's painted, but he wants a second coat...and to paint the inside (so I don't get slivers if I ever for some whatever odd reason want to walk in it with just my bare feet). And he needs to still add more trim...and a skylight...

I've now realized Dad, though retired, just likes to be busy. This shed business has been a slow process, but it's these little things that keep him busy. At least I think that's what's going on...

In other news, I also sold the Snow Shack - and for a slightly better price than what I bought it for :) . Out with the shack, in with the shed!


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