The Love of Money

Dad sent this to me. Some of it might border a bit of paranoia, but there's some truth to it too. Thought it was good enough to share on here:

The following quote is from the Daily Bell, Issue 290, 19 May 2009, ; in response to an article by investment guru Marc Faber entitled Capitalism Could Fail, which appeared recently in Money News.

“The West is far from a free-market system at this point. The economic system is over-controlled by governments, and the monetary elites behind them. These monetary elites, in fact, create and market the dominant social themes that most people utilize to interpret their world - and through these themes government derives leverage. They are fairly easy to discern, these memes [ideas conveyed through a culture]. They are actuated by money. The idea is to create scarcity and then to profit from it. If you can convince people, for instance, that carbon dioxide is poisoning the earth, then you are in a position to sell large-scale solutions to a problem that you, and only you, have defined. More wealth for the wealthy, and more control.

The memes marketed by the monetary elite usually deal with disaster … Peak oil, environmental difficulties, terrorist threats, health scares, these all drain optimism and human action and substitute pessimism, inaction and self doubt. Once this state of affairs is achieved people are far more suggestible and malleable. They will tend to do as they are told and will not be inclined to question authority. In fact, many will purchase the solutions that are marketed to them, and will even see such participation as an affirmation of morality.”

Just who are the monetary elites spoken of in the above quotation? They are the Bankers, particularly the central Bankers.

Thus we see the wisdom of Paul, the Apostle, when he said that the love of money is the root of all evil.

1 Timothy 6:10


Steve said…
Maybe, or likely, true, but clearly nothing new since this idea that money corrupts and continues the cycle dates back to at least Biblical times. Like Suze Orman says, "People first, then money, then things."

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