Garden of eatin'

I planted a garden out back this year. The peas are starting to flower, which means the crop is almost ready to produce food, yay! Other crops I am experimenting with (this being the first garden I have ever planted): garden beans, strawberries, loose leaf lettuce, carrots, winter squash, butternut squash, potatoes, watermelon, brocolli...and...drum roll...tomatoes (which there is no picture of because I still need to plant them).

If you like tomatoes, or are growing tomatoes, by the way, you can thank Thomas Jefferson, the first guy to think they might be something to cultivate...They used to be considered poisonous because of their membership in the nightshade family. Also for those of you wondering, they are technically a fruit, even if we do put them in salads. However, back in the late 1800's the Supreme Court actually declared them a vegetable. They seemed a bit bored back then, didn't they?

I also planted a young Jonathan dwarf variety apple tree near the garden and across the path from the older, more tree (not sure what the other tree actually is because the fruit is sorta shaped like an apple, and crisp like an apple, but tastes sorta like a pear).

The weeding and the getting seeds to actually grow have been the biggest challenges, also knowing how much to water what without drowning them or starving them. I've put on plenty of fertilizer and ironite, burned extra trash wood to make potash, water every day in the morning, weed and hope for the best. It is a lot of work and I'm just one gal, but hopefully it pays off.

Oh, and one more project I'm working on out back on top of the food stuff - an English garden :)


Steve said…
Yeah, gardens are a lot of work for anyone with a job. Spent the whole 3-day weekend doing yard stuff. You should buy some mulch for your garden! It's really good for it, especially in the heat of the summer, to keep your plants from getting their roots burned and keeping water from evaporating from the soil.
abby said…
An old man in Wales told Erin and me that manure is necessary for a good garden. The guy had great dirt so he should know.
Steve said…
Well, now that she has Thumbelina, rabbit 'droppings' are awesome to put on a garden!
SJ said…
Exactly, Steve. And man does she poop! haha, guess that makes good veggies...hmmmm think about that next time you eat a salad.

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