Podcast Yourself

The whole podcast "wave" never really hit me when it first was all the rage. You'd think it would, being that I am a radio girl. But it didn't. Until I went to Podcamp SLC 2009. There I was with about a hundred other techy geeks, twittering everything we'd learned in our lectures for the day and learning all about the wonderful world of the pod.

Then I started searching for truly Utah podcasters. Turns out most of the lists of directories, Utah or otherwise, are not very up to date. So this turned into me creating my own list of actually active, current Utah podcasters. Lots of fascinating local stuff, especially on UtahFM, Utah's only online radio station (they split from community radio station KRCL when they changed their formatting, saying they wouldn't work for something that felt so corporate...such rebels).

Anyway, now I've moved on to bigger things on ITunes. This seems to be the ultimate directory, plus it's one of the only things there that's free. Oh, the pleasures I've enjoyed downloading stories from This American Life, Slate, NPR Story of the Day and even darlings the likes of DiggNation, Writers Block and Stop Podcasting Yourself (a show created by two college guys out of Brittish Columbia. They talk about SXSW, Wayne's World, their dog "Grandpa", etc). I can get meditation music, workout beats, psychology, economics, news, politics, and even an EPA tip of the day to help me make the world a better place. All free!

I've been downloading and listening on my daily walk, run or bike ride...or in the car. You can even download General Conference if you wish. I've considered starting my own podcast, but with all this listening who has the time? Anyway, if you or someone you love has a podcast and resides in Utah, please urge them/yourself to check out the podcast directory on the Utah News Source Utah Media Directory and let me know if it is current and if I should add it to the list, too.


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