Alfalfa sprouts bigger threat than swine flu in US

Media needs to STOP freaking out. There are bigger threats, like the recent salmonella outbreak from alfalfa sprouts. 31 people fell ill, according to the report. There've only been 20 outbreaks for swine flu (okay, some reports are now saying 300, none fatal), but it's like the only news some media outlets seem to be talking about today. Ya, I get why you'd mention it. About 100 people died from the flu in Mexico. Somehow no one has died here. Symptoms sound a whole helluva lot like the regular flu. People, especially in countries with less sanitation, more malnutrition and overloaded hospitals, sometimes die of the flu. Tada! Bigger stories: torture, salmonella poisoning of a lot of foods lately (alfalfa, spinach, peanuts) in THIS country, also, where the f#@$ did all that bailout money (our tax dollars) go after the banks took it?


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