Festival of Colors pics

It's sort of an odd sight. Out in the middle of nowhere. Farm country. Utah. A background of the Rocky Mtns and sagebrush showcases a big Taj Mahal like palace known as the Spanish Fork Temple. But this is a very different kind of temple than the one the folks around here are used to. A Harry Krishna Temple. And once a year thousands of BYU and UVU students, Provo and Salt Lake residents decend upon this place to participate in the rites of spring known as Holi, Festival of Colors, celebrated by those of the Krishna faith throughout the world.

Everyone throws bags of colored powder on each other. The goal is to pelt everyone around you and get covered in color as much as possible.

Lane and Andrew show their colorful side

Me with Lane and Andrew

Me and my friend, the other Sarah, after Lane pelted me with blue powder

More of me

Of course I got the butt shot

Some girl wore her prom dress

Crowd surfing

The bonfire started to settle down

Aftermath of the color fight

More of me

If you've ever been to the Harry Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT, you'd know it wouldn't be a proper visit without the llamas.


EvaandJosiah said…
Wow, Sarah. That's the coolest Festival. My little sister wanted to go so bad.

It looks like it was tons of fun!
SJ said…
Hey Josiah!...or is this Eva? Ya, this was a lot of fun. I had never been before but glad I went. Next time I know to go a lot earlier. The freeway from Provo on was a major stop and go headache and parking was a challenge. We missed the lighting of the bonfire because of it so next year be there around 4:30 ish to avoid the traffic.

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