Big Love Apology SLTrib Letter to Editor

I really liked the way this letter to the editor said it:

"So HBO apologized to those who may have been offended by the "Big Love" episode that depicted a private LDS temple ceremony. The creators of the show stated: "We therefore took great pains to depict the ceremony with the dignity and reverence it is due" ("HBO apologizes for offense, but will still air 'Big Love' temple scene," Tribune , March 10).

"That is the same as saying: "I apologize for sleeping with your wife last night, but I want you to know I treated her with dignity and respect."

Lana Massey

West Valley City



Steve said…
Meh, I watch the show every week and saw that episode and it was fine. Just a 30 second scene. If anything, I think the show opened up the Temple and mainstream Mormonism, since the show is clear that the main characters are Morm due to their polygamy. It made the Temple seem really nice and interesting.
Dainon. said…
It's like discovering the seven herbs & spices that make up the chicken in KFC so delicious, then passing them on to newspapers everywhere and saying, "But I was respectful about it."
Steve said…
Whoops, say a big typo in my comment! I meant to say this was one of the FIRST mainstream Mormom things, since they are NOT mainstream due to their polygamy. Sorry for any confusion! :)
mj said…
Steve - that's good to hear. I wondered how far they took it.

The thing that bugged me a little about the apology from HBO is that they were responding to something that wasn't even really a complaint. It was a statement from the church to its members that said basically, "understandably some members may be offended by this but we urge you not to make a big deal about it" (not a direct quote, but look it up, that's totally what it says).

they responded to the "some members may be offended by this" part. when i saw the apology i was thinking "um, i don't think they were talking to you."

i would have called that "quote hijacking" if it were in a student paper.

okay i said it just bugged me a little.

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