I've been searching through Etsy for the last hour and a half for a good piece of art to hang in my living room. There's a lot of great stuff and not so great stuff on there. There's also some very expensive and some actually decently cheap stuff, too. One thing I've come to a conclusion on, though, is like the color of paint for my living room, I can't decide on a good piece of wall art. It'd be hard to explain what I need or have you take a poll if you've never seen my living room. The walls are an off-white and I have orange silk curtains, blue couch covers and purple pillows. I also arranged orchids and have a dark wood theme going on with the furniture. I was thinking a pic of orange orchids to compliment the orchids, but then I also have this vibrant fake quail I've hung on the curtains so I did a search for quail. Then there is just the interesting modern art that captures the colors. I really just don't know and the stuff I've thought would really match nicely seems to be the more expensive stuff. One gal I really do like is Patty Baker, especially her nature stuff and poppies. So check her out

In the meantime here are a few inspirational pics of my living room. One day I'll finally decide the paint color and get some decent wall art. But for now It's all still a work in progress.


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