He's Just Not That Into You

This is my friend Tyler explaining the entire book/movie in a few short seconds:

My neighbors Anna and Isabel talk to the camera about their dating lives before the movie:

Me and about 30 other women met for dinner and a movie this last Friday night for "He's Just Not That Into You"; a movie that basically makes women out to be totally desperate idiots.

I read the book and got what it was trying to say, but didn't entirely agree with it. Then the movie, though funny, just made things worse. I know it is just a movie, and as such has the duty to exaggerate things, but c'mon, I have never known a dude who spent that much time with a woman who wasn't into her, or any woman in general in these modern days that was that desperate for a man, just any man to like her. I mean, ya, you want them to like you, especially when you like them, but if they don't, there are others out there. The movie basically says if you are trying to get his attention at all, or trying to hang out with a guy you like and think might like you back that you are reading too much into it, that he does not like you unless he is constantly calling and obsessing over you and that if you think otherwise that you are desperate and you are being clingy. What? It's really a recipe to make women paranoid that no one likes them (even when a guy really does) and just sets them up for failure. The movie was some good entertainment with an all star cast, sure, but the messages were confusing and totally horrible.


Sherpa said…
I agree.
Lee said…
I don't care what you say, I am so into seeing this movie on Saturday.

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