You asked for it!

Well, one of you did anyway...Slow food movement in action! Not all the food was necessarily culturally unique to the Salt Lake region at last night's dinner party...although there was a vat of creamy jello and fruit stuff sometimes referred to as "ambrosia". I actually like it. Yes, yes I really do.

The theme: salad. The real food made? Potluck smattering of just about everything from bruchetta with prosciutto, salsa and chips, artisian bread, fruit, mozerella, basil and tomatoes, and of course the aforementioned ambrosia-like Utah 50's housewife tradition.

Now why don't I show you all the beautiful dishes we made? I think pictures of food are actually gross. Sorry guys, you'll just have to believe it looked and tasted good and a good time was had by making the food...and sharing it with each other...and NOT spending a fortune at a restaurant. We didn't even have to tip ourselves.


Steve said…
I wasn't 'up' on the Slow Food Movement when you posted this, but the latest book I am reading, Cheap, talks about the dangers of cheap food and it mentions the Slow Food mantra in passing. But it really got me thinking about food beyond on the nutrition side, which I have a good handle on. Not just, is this healthy, but is this sustainable and ecologically sensible. Yeah, I'm probably very late to the party, but that has its benefits too. :) But seriously, the food industry is one of the reasons I don't want to move back to the US.

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