Random downtown wanderings

Was walking downtown today shopping for office space (looking for small...and on the cheap) and of course was distracted first by Esther's Cafe (kinda like Hires Big H or that place in DC near the Black Cat where Bill Cosby goes that I can't remember the name of...but small). It looked and smelled so good and I almost went off my diet for a grilled cheese sandwich. But firmly resolved to step away and go to the Quiznos next door for a low fat turkey sub.

Continuing on my journey, and after phoning several office lease agents about prices (umm, downtown, just so you know, is pricey, which is odd considering there is SO MUCH empty office space available...I mean like a good third of the downtown area seems unoccupied)...anyway, then found myself in an old place I haven't been to in years. Sam Wellers.
My mom loved this place. I remember her taking me and my brothers down to the basement where the kids books were (among various strange books connected to the LDS, I might add) My aunt Dorothy (but not actually my "real" aunt, just a friend of the family who my mom knew and who had an AMAZING collection of Indian art and jewelry) got me an archaic book on Indian legends of the Book of Mormon from the Sam Wellers rare book collections when I was 19 (are they real stories? who knows, but interesting interpretations...lol. I still have it in my bookshelf at home if anyone wants to read it.

So there I was in front of the book store and the sign read "Resolve to read more books". I will, I thought, I really will! I love books! I need to start reading a new book anyway. So on the line of resolutions, I resolve to read more books. I stepped in to browse, but realized I had just distracted myself from my real objective which was to look for office space and hussled myself out.

The real lesson here is that I don't walk around downtown enough and I really love the downtown, main street atmosphere. It has a feel to it that makes you fall in love with Salt Lake again. It is the heart of what makes Salt Lake actually cool. Don't know if I actually will find good, cheap office space or even really need an office, but today I thought it wouldn't hurt to look. Glad I did.


abby said…
The place you are thinking of is Ben's Chili Bowl in DC. http://www.benschilibowl.com/

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