Slow food and other resolutions

So far I've taught myself to make soups, chili, sourdough bread, a mean double chocolate chip cookie (the secret is more butter, folks), and fried doughnuts. Hmmm, doing really well in the carbohydrates with loads of fat category...and rethinking my healthy eating strategy. lol.

In other great news I do love the belly dancing classes. Really great hip and abs workout.


Steve said…
I'm confused, what does slow food have to do with chocolate chip cookies and the like?

I wish to hear more about these belly dancing classes! ha.
SJ said…
It's a movement, man, just go with it haha, okay, slow food is something you make at home instead of buying at the store or at a fast food restaurant. It's a kick back to the old days where we made our own stuff and took the time to enjoy it and know what was actually in it. By the way, there is a lot of fat in doughnuts.

As for belly dancing, so far I've only had two classes, but we've established half a dance routine and my ribs are sorta coordinating with the my hips (which can be hard if you have never done that before). I'm starting to get the hang of it and sorta remembering the routine. It's really fun.
Steve said…
They have a class like that at my gym. I always think it looks way too hard!

I don't get the point of the slow food thing, sorry. Granted, it is better and healthier to eat at home, but you can still live in the modern age and eat healthy outside of home. I mean, it's hard to get salmonella from snack crackers at a restaurant! :) I'm certainly never going to say fast food or eating out is better health wise, but one can not kill themselves by doing so. Cooking at home with lots of butter and other "natural" ingredients that are still high in fat or calories doesn't make it healthier, just cheaper.
SJ said…
mmm, gonna have to disagree. Eating slow food means you are taking the time to know what is in your food. You are taking the time to focus on what you are eating and eating it at home in a comfortable setting that leaves less of a carbon footprint, teaches you to appreciate the work that goes into making something and lets you know what it is you are actually eating. Slow food means forgetting about the processed snack crackers and sitting down to a real meal.

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