Roommate situation update

I told my lazy roommate that she had to go to the temp job or find work by Jan 20th so that she had the rent money or I had enough time to find a paying roommate by Feb 1...this is the only reason she actually went to work yesterday (did I mention she's been trying to get money from our bishop and I also took her to Welfare Square to fill a food order?)

She got a ride home from her boss last night and then called to tell me she forgot her key. I was already on my way to my belly dancing class so told her too bad but I was not home and wasn't coming back for a while.

She called again and kept talking about how she really needed in. I again said too bad, gotta go and hung up on her while she kept rambling on and on something about how she doesn't understand the key thing cuz her family, something irrelevant, blah blah blah (the girl has diarrhea of the mouth).

Sad thing was she was still out there when I got home. I reminded her the relief society pres lived right next door and why didn't she just knock on the door to see if she was home? "Oh ya," she said. Was she just out there to get my sympathy or did she really not think of that?

This morning she sleeps in. I then asked if she was going to work today. She said yes. Hours pass. She then asked if I would again give her a ride today. I told her to find her own bus route. Finally, at noon (just 27 minutes ago) she left for work.

I have come to the conclusion that I don't have to take care of her and that she will have to move out of my house anyway. I work on my business stuff from home a lot of days and can't handle that in my space. The whole run of the mouth, give me a ride, I lost my key or take me to the grocery story thing has finally just worn on my last nerve. I know she has some psychological development problems and barriers, but I can't deal with that. I am trying to run a business and I'm not her mom.

I felt bad for a while cuz my other roommate was being so saintly about the whole thing, but she also doesn't deal with her most of the time and doesn't rely on her to pay part of the mortgage.

Now it's just telling her to move out


Steve said…
Good call.

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