The roommate is gone!

So yesterday evening around 6:00 my roommate calls and says she can't figure out how to get home from work and would I come get her.

Me: nope, figure it out.
Her: But I'm lost
Me: I drove you there the other day, it's on 400 S, the bus goes up and down 400 S each way. Take 400 S and head west and you'll be home
Her: I'm so confused, come get me?
Me: No, it's not hard, it's 400 S
Her: But I'm lost
Me: You want a ride instead of the bus, but you are an adult and you are not this dumb
Her: But I don't have any money
Me: That is why we made you take that temp job, for money
Her: Well I guess I will just figure it out
Me: Yep

She gets home

Her: Hey, I'm home, I made it
Her: So I made it home
Me: (I'm silently reading and not looking up in a passive aggressive attempt to let her know I do not care)
Her: Well, I guess I'll just go make some dinner

Later in the night I ask if she is going again tomorrow. She says probably but that she needs to call about other jobs and "do some stuff". I'm sick of this already and then other roommate, who is friends with her temporary supervisor informs her that our problem roommate is slow and lazy at work and that it is not worth it for them to keep her on, but out of kindness they will just give her odd jobs for the next couple weeks to help her out.

I had already made up my mind to kick her out, but this def added fuel to the flames. So I called her brother said I was sick of telling her to go to work, reminding her of the rent and utility bills she needed to pay, sick of getting asked to give her a ride everywhere, the constant nonsense chatter and mooching and manipulation...he says he'll be right over to get her things that night.

It was a little sudden, but she took it pretty well. :)


Steve said…
Awesome! Now you can get a hot roommate and tell us about all the "to be debauchery", with pictures!
SJ said…
Funny, but mostly I make it a point not to talk about people I know on here. This one was a bit different. I knew I'd probably end up telling her to leave. As a side note, I do have another, great roommate still here.

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