The new calm, cool and creative class

A new generation in the workforce is yearning for the creativity that the public school system almost sucked out. But as hard as any authority figure has tried and as much as we've been told artists, writers and poets don't make's a habit that cannot be snuffed out of our humanity. It (creativity) is part of what makes life worth living and part of what we are here on this planet to do and be a part of. According to this book, "The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World," a new generation in the workforce brings this force for creativity with them. It even says the creative class is changing the world with their new ideas about work, our economy and life values in general.

I have only read excerpts, but I like it. There does seem to be a certain section of society drawn to the creative process. This draw, or yearning to create is not driven by monetary gain, but a sense of appreciation for life and beauty and entertainment for those who can still see and hear enough to recognize the good in it.


Steve said…
Uh, isn't this Generation X, more or less. That generation is finally coming into management and control areas where they can influence things more. Couple that with the, uhm, "less materially motivated" generation now entering the workforce and you get a good combination of people willing to try new ideas on how to do less work. :)

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