Belly Dancing through the New Year

Today I began the fulfillment of one of my New Year's resolutions. Belly dancing! Mer and I switched our hips and thrust our thighs in the ancient art of Egyptian belly my old jr. high school! Haven't been to Bryant in so many years. They still have one of the murals up that my 8th grade art class painted. That was cool. Fond memories, my first kiss happened just behind the school in the soccer field to a very cute, very tall first boyfriend. I was 14 and not allowed to have a boyfriend. I was so afraid my mom would find out that I made him kiss me where and when no one could see us. We scheduled it. We met after school, in the soccer field, closed our eyes and missed the half of each others mouths. Our dating life consisted of playing hackey-sac before school with his friends and meeting secretly at the downtown mall so I could scream and hold him while we watched scary movies. We were "going out".And now I'm shakin' it like Shakira on the second floor of Bryant every Tuesday.


utenzi said…
Belly dancing is cool. And it's great to be keeping those New Year's Resolutions. So what's up with the singing and slow food?
SJ said…
Making my meals at home when I can help it...tried to go to choir practice but no one was there. I'm working on it.

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