24 Hours at Sundance

Who hasn't gone up to Park City during Sundance in hopes of spotting a celebrity or two? Well, a twist on that would be Ashton Kutcher's little project "24 hours at Sundance". Contestants compete by participating in many Sundance activities like bugging snowboarders, mooching lift tickets, posing as the media and of course celeb hunting. Don't know that I'd sign up to do it myself. I've grown up here and am sorta over the whole Sundance celeb thing (they're just people, people...who occassionally make us laugh), but it was a cool idea. How is that Kutcher guy involved in so many projects at once?


Dainon. said…
Kutcher is a freaking genius. I dunno if he comes up with all of these ideas on his own, but he's gone way beyond the whole actor realm. I am betting he'll just get better over time, too. And I'm personally jealous ... mostly because he bagged Demi, but whatever. Some guys have all the luck.
Steve said…
Yeah, he has a lot of ideas. His production company he formed during "punk'd" has its hands in all kinds of things! I saw him on Bill Maher though and he is still kind of a stoner. Can't really finish a sentence. More like ADD or idiot savant. But yeah, kudos for banging a hot woman twice his age (well, at one time!)

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