Things I shouldn't see but do

It's not that I shouldn't see movies like this, really. It's that they make me sooo sad. It's facing the darkest parts of our humanity. It's a horrible thing to dwell on. Some may say this sort of movie (Nazis, Jews, World War II) has been done to death, but it's movies like this I hope they keep making. I hope they keep them in the public's mind so that we remember them and are prepared and able recognize something arising like this, should something like this ever try to happen again (it does happen in other parts of the world, which is why we need to keep educating and keep thinking about this). This is a movie that was very well done, beautfully scripted and actually surprised me with an ending that I thought I saw coming but didn't want to think about till it happened. It left me shocked and disturbed and glad I saw it.


Rachel said…
I would love to see this movie. Thanks for the review & recommendation!

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