A Koo on H&H

What did I do with my afternoon while driving around and looking for the perfect office space? Got sidetracked and went shopping. Of course.

I found myself at two different local shops I'd heard about from others, but had never actually gone to. Koo-de-ker and Hip and Humble. Both darling! Local! And... Expensive! One (Koo-de-ker) for clothing, the other (Hip and Humble) for linens, rugs, aprons, clothes, household items (like grass smelling laundry fragrance and $200 jeans). Clearly catering to bored rich housewives and single, childless women with nothing better to do than spend their extra wads of cash normally kept for family bills. Women, ummm, like me.

Except most of my income goes to bills and the biz right now...so I was just looking (sigh) with thoughts in the back of my head that said "someday".

However, there was a major difference in the way the two shops handled sales. Koo-de-ker was laid back. The shop girl let me wander while she stayed at the counter. She was polite and only said "Let me know if I can help you find anything". I tried on several adorable outfits and even really considered one. I would have bought it if I thought about it too long, actually (which is pretty much what the sales gal was letting me do). Someday, right?

On to Hip and Humble. Totally different experience. Upon stepping in the sales gal came up to me, asked to take my coat. Okay, nice. Asked if I wanted a Coke or coffee or tea or something. Umm, no, but that is nice. Then at the first item I picked up (a runner rug) I was immediately acosted by another sales girl. "Oh my gosh have you ever had those kinds of rugs?" she gushed. Me: "Umm, no, just looking". Her: Oh, you MUST have one of them! They are the best ever. (practically picking up another one and trying to thrust it in my hands). I was putting the other down, along with the one she tried to hand me. Her: Aren't they great, ooo, and look at the colors, amazing, amazing. Me: Um, ya (trying to walk away). She followed me. I then strategically lost her in the next room...only to make the mistake of picking up a particularly darling shirt on sale. Once again, acosted by ANOTHER sales person. "Oh my gosh, those are the best shirts, EVER! You should get it while you can because they are now on sale. On Sale!". Me: Just looking, thanks (putting shirt back and really annoyed now). I then walked away from gushing Gail only to start looking at (not even touching) the grass smelling laundry perfume. Guess what then happened? Another sales girl!

I stopped her this time. Me: I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude and I know it seems to be part of your job but I've been accosted by three sales people already and I just want to look around in peace. I really am JUST LOOKING! Her: (shocked expression) Oh, well, ummm, okay I just wanted to let you know how great that laundry perfume really is. I mean smell them (as she picked one up for me - yes, really) Me: okay (walking away). I went to the counter to get my coat and left the store without looking at anything shortly after.

I didn't want to be rude but it was really annoying. If you ever own a store or you are the owner of Hip and Humble and DON'T want to lose customers just let them browse and just be there if and when they actually need you.


abby said…
That happened to me once at an Ann Taylor. I was browsing through the store and got attacked also by three sales girls. Were they just bored? Were they just that desperate for commission? I did the same thing you did and got the same hurt look. I did eventually buy something when they all stayed away from me (it was a good sale after all).

Shopping is only enjoyable when you're not pressured to buy anything.

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