You know you are truly a nerd when, instead of going out with a perfectly good invitation for fun and mischief, you choose to stay at home on a saturday night to try and figure out php code. What is that exactly? Exactly! ...Ya.

I am not so much a true nerd because I have no idea what I am even doing. I am simply hitting walls and realizing there's a reason we pay experts to design websites for us. However, I am poor at the moment and so here I am.

Smitty was at my house earlier in the afternoon, rolling his eyes at my stupidity and helping feeble little me on my way. But even he went on a date tonight.

At least last night I let loose on the town with a little magic and mayhem. Sort of.

Our group of "sexy costume somethings" hit the town, at first, with gusto.

Side thought: Ever notice how you can make any Halloween outfit a "sexy something" outfit? My roommate took this to the very limits with her "sexy" Darth Vader uniform just to prove it.

Back to the original: Bern and I first split from our other friends in an attempt to visit a party with a mass congregate filled with people of the main dominant religion around here.

My face began to burn upon arrival. One good look at the massive amounts of costume wholesomeness helped us realize that to them we may have looked like whores. My left butt cheek almost showing under my witch skirt and her sexy cat halter most definitely would have gained us a lot of negative attention. After some discussion about whether we cared or not what others thought or if we'd be fine we realized they most likely would give us dirty looks and we left. Only to go to the clubs. Where we felt overdressed.

The clubs were expensive ($30 a pop at almost every one, Bliss was $20), so we just hung outside for a little trying to get in free (Bern knows people who know least that was the theory at the time) but that was a bust. Bern was still hit on of course. So we waited for her...and waited. And finally went to another party.

This is where Bern jokingly told a guy there that she was more ghetto than him because she is from the ghetto slums of Africa (true story, she's from Namibia). Then he threatened to beat her up. I have no idea how things progressed to that but it was weird.

We got scared and left...and went to another party. Sort of. There was maybe an hour there spent driving and lost. Picked some other people up. Went to a huge party out in the middle of nowhere. That "would have" been fun. We went because a guy with us (picked him up at the previous party) said it would be free. Far from it at $15 each. Several of us, frustrated and in the middle of nowhere, had to pee. It was then a group pee in the fields in the middle of nowhere party. Fun. No, no, we didn't all pee together at the same time, sheesh.

After that we ended up just going home. But we were sexy.

(pics to follow when roommate uploads them to facebook)


Steve said…
Sounds fun and I'm very excited to see the "sexy Darth Vader"!!!

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