Yoga time!

I've been feeling transcendental today. I own a copy of the I-Ching (ancient Chinese divining book). Had it since my freshmen year in college and have loved it. But I haven't visited its sage wisdom in many years. So this morning I cast my coins and read my hexagram. It told me it is foolish to rush, that the patient and wise gain prosperity and become as the sage. Ommmm. Haha. It sounds silly to some but I really like stuff like that anyway. And there is something to learn from it. For example I have been starting up yoga again. I was working on a project this morning and needed to take a break so I whipped out one of my Lulu Lemon yoga pose cards and decided to practice balancing on one foot. I noticed that if I rushed into the pose I had a really hard time balancing and got wobbly, but if I was patient and moved into the pose slowly I was able to recognize my center of gravity and better balance myself. I think that applies to other aspects of life as well. Not everything happens right when you want it to or think you need it to, but if you are patient and keep working at it you'll start to see how to make it work and then things you want to happen will start happening naturally.


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