"Sanku fah comeen, hoppy sanksgibbing."

This was not the scene at my family's Thanksgiving dinner.

We somehow threw out tradition this year and found ourselves at China Buffet Diner in Phoenix, AZ instead.

Think warm weather, blooming desert, loads of cacti placed haphazardly down the freeway system, an Arizona thunder storm like only Arizona can deliver and Americanized Chinese food. Pleasant synthesized keyboard music played over the loud speakers as we loaded up on general tso's chicken and fried wontons. Mmmmm.

The rest of the day was spent trying to get my family to do something other than watch Fox News on my brothers big screen TV...or discussing what's wrong with everyone other than those who faithfully watched Fox News. I admit to stuffing my feelings with a second helping of pumpkin pie :/.

Somehow they were convinced (begged to by yours truly) to go see Four Christmases at a local theater later that evening. Not the best choice but something we could all agree on (with a few minor grumbles). It would have been a fine movie back home with friends, but I was with my family. I love them and it's nice to see them... but the movie soon reminded me that Fox News content was not the only thing we differed on. The show was deemed "raunchy". They said they'd wished they had not been subjected to such filth. Yes subjected. It seemed just fine to me. Whoops!

Tomorrow we are possibly going to do something safe and non pg-13... but potentially cool. They tell me it involves old Indian ruins. I'll take pictures and show the ones I look good in on here later. Hoppy sanksgibbing!


abby said…
ah family...isn't it about time. :)

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