The Pics!

Julia, Me, Meredith, Bernadean

Julia as "sexy Darth"


The Fab Four again



Steve said…
Ha, what a wholesome group of girls! ;-) Actually, ONLY in Utah, and maybe under the Taliban, would those outfits be consider risque! I see girls wearing less to work here in DC in the summer!
abby said…
I'm with Steve on this one. You showed skin but it was really modest compared to what's running around Georgetown on Halloween night. I dig your witch's hat with feathers.
SJ said…
Well, my skirt did show a little more in the back...but overall I have to agree.

It is a Utah thing. The stark black and white difference of a Mormon party and the parties at the clubs is astounding. We're just in the middle, of course, but tell that to someone who never left the state.
Princesska said…
love the pictures!!

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