Best. Book. Ever.

So I finally got around to reading the Stephanie Meyer, "Twilight" series after good reports from both my mom and Bern. And how right they were! This book, this story is exquisite! I am so in love with the god-like vampire character of Edward Cullen (yum) and the most amazing sexual tension between him and Bella! How hard it would be to be madly in love with someone you must also fight the instinctual desire to suck all the life blood from. Just the very mention of a brief touch of his fingers or a light brush of his lips to her throat sends chills for several good reasons. It is horrifically satisfying and I must admit I cannot put it down or get it out of my head. I started yesterday, finished the first book today and am already a third of the way through the second book in the series this very night! I cannot believe how good this book really is (though I've never, in my life, been into vampire or gothic novels) And now, I must admit, find myself secretly wishing for my own vampire boyfriend ;)

Please oh please don't let the movie ruin how good this book truly is.


abby said…
I'm almost done with the last book. I love the story too, but didn't you think the writing was horrible? You can only handle "He's so hot!" for so many pages. Meyer definitely has the same talent as JK Rowling in that her books suck you into her world, but I think Rowling is a much better writer and her plots are more intricate. Even if the Twilight movie sucks, it will still be a good time.
SJ said…
I'm trying not to think of the "every brush of the face makes me hyperventilate" stuff at this moment. I don't want the execessiveness to ruin the overall awe I have for the story. I think I'm in love with Edward...yikes!
abby said…
Everyone should be in love with a sparklely vampire some time in their life. :)
abby said…
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Rachel said…
I am laughing so hard! But I so, SO agree! I love that women & teenagers of all walks are madly in love with Edward (ok, some are Team Jacob, but WHY). Seriously, I thought it was just me being a somewhat burned out mom of three kids. A little escapism, no? I am dying to read the books again after seeing the movie (not as good, not as good).

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