Those redhead days

So I finally took some pics. I don't take pics of myself very well though. I made a weird face in all the head-on shots. I can't seem to get myself to smile naturally. Anyway here they are. Enjoy!


Steve said…
Very cute! I might even like it better than the blond!!!!
abby said…
I like the red. You've done a lot of color changes lately.
SJ said…
I know, my poor hair! I actually had a lot of large clumps of hair come out after the dye. I freaked. My roommate says the same thing happened to her before though and that this especially happens in the fall when your hair ends its growth cycle and not to worry :/
Steve said…
"Growth cycle"? Is your roommate part canine?!?! The hair falls out b/c it is fried, but it should come back. :)

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