Ten reasons to vote for McCain

This is from a post on the Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President message board on nick.com (targeting users age 6 to 14):

"10 Reasons Why Macain Should be President!!!
1. He's going to lower gas prices
2. He wants to give each family $5000 for insurance
3. He has great reasons to be president
4. He's awesome!!
5. He doesn't want war
6. He wants to help the poor
7. He wants to help ALL of us
8. He wants to make the world a better place
9. He wants to stop drugs
10. The whole point is he's AWESOME!!!!!"

Another one from koalagurl8:

"Don't vote for Obama his is breaking the rules of the Constitution by running for president. Look that up!! Seriously!!!"

Thought you'd enjoy these funny answers.


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