Temporary roommate syndrome

I seem to suffer from temporary roommate syndrome (TRS). Here's how it's been since July. One roommate moved out with her boyfriend (and cuz she wanted a dog, which I was quite opposed to), another got engaged and found a sweet deal on an apartment real quick after that (only to be kicked out of there shortly after - turns out crazy old land lady made it not such a sweet deal afterall). She moved out so fast, though, that I accepted an intern on a two month stay, who was married, and missed her husband, and missed him so much she left her internship one month early and went home...she told me she was leaving three days before moving out this weekend. Sooo I found a new roommate last night, also temporary (I was just saying yes to the first person to bite at that point in my panic). However, she may be cool. Turns out she'll be working for the Sundance Film Fest (hookups, please?). And now my other roommate will be leaving me for a ski job at Alta in three weeks.

Is it me?


Steve said…
You might want to check your bathing habits! haha.
But seriously, the new roommie sounds good, if only for the Sundance hook ups!

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