Sleepwalking is a dangerous sport

I never thought I was a sleepwalker. I knew, from countless roommates, family and friends that I talked in my sleep, but never did imagine I was an actual sleepwalker...until last night. That's when I woke up in the actual act.

I vaguely remember what I was thinking. I somehow thought my phone was on my dresser and I had to call someone on it or check the time for some reason. I don't know why or who I thought I had to call. But then I tripped. I tripped in my semi-sleepy and not-quite-conscious state within the first steps from my bed. It seems my legs had not caught up to my brain and didn't move like they should have. The thud (and the major hand scrape as I landed) woke me up in agonizing pain. I also pulled a muscle in my big toe.

It was a weird place to be, to be in pain, on the floor and jolted awake to the odd realization that I was acting out a thought from somewhere in the dreamy deep depths of my unconscious mind. ...I do, indeed, sleepwalk. Weird...and OW!


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