Being that my name is Sarah and though I am usually jealous about sharing my name, it would be convenient to simply dress up as the Palin for Hallow-een. But if you had the same idea and are worried we'll show up in the same outfit to the party, don't. I really don't count her as a scary character...though some do fear her presence in the White House. I'm leaning toward sexy vampire. However, I DO wonder how many gals (well, I guess guys could do this, too, whatever) will dress as the VP nominee.

Want this as your costume? Here's a great eHow article on how to do it.

And a picture for some skank inspiration on the look so many women go for on the big night.

This pic, though shocking, is not actually her. I found the original pic. They superimposed her face on to the bod. Now that's really creepy.


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